Red Red Wine

It looks like I’m going to have to post pictures of my witch collection `;~) That will be a fun little project.

I’m working on part to of my series of bellydance articles. It is just taking me longer than I expected. Mostly cause my notes I’ve used in my workshops disappeared when my last PC crashed 😦 SO I have to start from scratch.

I’ve found the perfect wedding gift for my step-daughter, Made By Girl’s custom print. I can’t wait to get it!!! I know Cassie will love it!

Last night, I baked bread and danced. I put Zyngia on, moved the coffee table and danced away. It was just what I needed.



Sabriel over at We Can Be as Tall as Grass has given me a lovely award. I always enjoy reading her blog and seeing pics of her baby gosslings `;~)

The rules: State 5 random facts about yourself and award five other bloggers.

  1. My hair gets shorter and shorter every time I have Carl cut it…
  2. I’m not a fan of loud noises
  3. I don’t believe in favorites
  4. I want to live in the mountains
  5. I collect witches

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Happy Earth Day, Mother!

Dear Mother,

I’m sorry I didnt plant flowers today or work on my yard. Today, I took care of me so that all the future tomorrow’s I could better take care of you. You are special to me every day and night. Thank you for being here for me everyday and allowing me to take part in your splendor.


Sunshine in my pocket

A few months ago a friend gave me a extra huge box full of beading supplies. She insisted I take them and I couldn’t refuse! So, for a year, I have a necklace that I haven’t finished 😦 I just couldn’t find what I wanted for it. Well, lo and behold, there is the perfect piece in all these beads! I can’t wait to see how this piece turns out `;~)

I am really enjoying the creativity and inspiration that I have found here since coming on board. Each blog sparks a new flame for me. There is so much creativity that a person cannot be inspired!

I still keep my livejournal account going because I have made some great friends there. So things may get cross posted back and forth. But I see this as much more interesting future here.

I’ve debated on having seperate blogs for my dance, herbs, and personal; but my goal is to integrate not seperate. So you’ll get a smattering of everything here!

Leaves and blossoms unfurling

I think I overdid it this weekend. I only worked for two hours out in the herb garden. I weeded and pulled up roots from an old plant that was no more. Picked up pinecones from the tree falling on my house last month. But today, I feel like the living dead. And not in a good way at all. UGH!

I so need to get my bloodwork done so we can determine what is wrong and get to work on making my life less painful.

I was looking at books this weekend and hoping to find something to help me with what I was talking about my previous post, Do the Hustle. Most of the books I found had to do with how to be happy or have a better sex life. I only found a few that touched on anything close to what I was looking for. So I picked this one TamingYour Gremlin.

You have to start somewhere, as I’m often said to others `;~) It doesn’t really matter where you start as long as you do!

Oh, and I made an about me page entitled Life in the ShellyVerse

Performance 101: Making your first performance a success!

So you've finally gotten to the point where you are ready to perform for an audience. You've come a long way and you want everyone to see what you've accomplished. Congratulations on your first performance!
Performing is about more than just the dance steps. Sure, you can be the best dancer ever born, but if you don't look or act like it… No one is going to pay any attention. Do you think anyone would pay attention to Rachel Bryce's performance if she looked like she had just rushed in from the gym? Or Suhaila? Would they have gotten where they are now?
dance with me

Do the Hustle

I love it when I find or read something that clicks and gives me one of those AHA moments. For instance, this article What’s your Side Hustle From Escape from Cubicle Nation did just that for me tonight…

Suddenly, it clicked, the reason none of my ideas, dreams, or goals have succeeded. I’ve never hustled for it- never put in the time and put the elbow grease into anything I’ve wanted. I’ve created some amazing jewelry and made wonderful incenses, but it has never gone anywhere. I have never gone the extra mile!

This was my latest jewelry project. This beaded cuff was designed for a very special friend’s iniation. It is made of sterling silver wire and contains 52 swarovski crystals. It is one of my favorite pieces `;~) So, yes, I can create beautiful work and I am good at it.

So what has kept me from hustling it? What has kept me from doing the work? Honestly, nothing!

It’s not that I expect things to just fall in my lap, though on occasion it does happen `;~) It’s more that I’ve …. hmmmm…. never developed those skills. I don’t know how to drive and push myself. I don’t know how to overcome that moment when nothing happens after the launch. I don’t know how to follow through. I don’t want to get into why I did not develop these very necessary skills. It is in my past and it is over and done.

So in many ways, part of my work this year is going to be developing those skills. Learning how to follow through and not give up throwing my hands in the air and saying “oh well.” I don’t want to live an “oh well” kind of life.

I’m tired of living a life where I am constantly hearing how much potential I have. Or how smart I am. and not having a clue what to do with it! And no, I do not know how to apply myself. What the hell does that mean anyway? To apply myself??? I’ve never understood this.

When I see what I’ve written, I want to erase it all. It makes me worry that maybe I really do have mental issues, some kind of social disorder or that maybe I really am totally mental. Maybe I should get in therapy. But then I would have to drag all these old issues back up. This is not where this post was meant to go, so I may indeed erase some of those mental shuffling that is going on here.

It’s funny how writing brings out all these things. SHould I filter myself? Isn’t that what I’ve done all my life? Filtered myself down until I could fit into the molds of society?

Pocketful of Sunshine with clouds in my coffee

First off, I’d like to thank Magaly from Pagan Culture and Diosa from Adventures of a Misplaced Texan Zombie Girl for the lovely award `;~)

And, as with all awards, there are rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (did it :))
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award to 15 fantastic bloggers, you discovered recently, and who you think are fantastic. (but they are all fantastic!)
  4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

7 random things about me:

  1. I love Fraggle Rock
  2. I have tiny feet
  3. I live on an island
  4. I’ve lived in 7 states
  5. I don’t get along well with time. It doesn’t exist in the ShellyVerse
  6. I name inanimate objects
  7. I have a cat named Lucy.

Not sure I have 15 on my list right now, but we’ll see what I do have `;~) I find the following blogs very inspirational `;~) So thanks!

  1. Pagan Culture
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