And they shall dance entwined forevermore

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I’d like to say that life has been busy and in many ways, it has been. However, that is not why I haven’t been writing 😦 I’ve been very focused inwards these days, which would seem odd with it being summer and all. Leo’s time is usually spent in the sunshine’s spotlight.

I’ve been thinking alot about where that spotlight is shining in my life. What is it about me that makes me memorable? Are these the things I want to be known for? Have I been living with purpose and commitment? I haven’t been liking the answers to these questions.

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So how does one go about living with purpose and commitment? I think Miguel Ruiz has it right with The Four Agreements:

          Be Impeccable With Your Word.
                                Don’t Take Anything Personally.

Don’t Make Assumptions.

                     Always Do Your Best.

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Being impeccable with your word is more than just holding to your promises. This ranges quite a bit deeper and I’ve been thinking about it since Maggi posted it the other day `;~) As mages, witches, and priestesses our word is a sacred power. Over at Intuitive Goddess’ blog, she has a potent post on words.

Not only should one say what they mean and mean what they say, one should also strive to let their voices be heard in the silences that harbor ill-will and/or ignorance. In that moment, when you think “I can’t believe this is happening” or “Did someone really just say that?” In that moment when you know it is wrong but cannot bring yourself to speak up for fear or embarrassment. That is the moment when it is most important to be impeccable with your word. What does your word mean if you stand in silence while another’s heart screams?

And let me be honest here, I have not read The Four Agreements. I do not know anything other than these four principles about this subject or book. These principles just struck a chord that made connections for me that I wanted to explore `;~)

And the more I thought about this principle, the more I realized, that I am not where I want to be with this. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut when I should speak up and speaking up when I should shut up `;~)