Fabric Wall Board Project

I found some nice 8″ x 8″ cork tiles at the store the other day and it was perfect for a project I had simmering in the back of my mind. I wanted to decorate the bare walls in my bedroom and thought that cork boards would be an excellent ideas as I could easily change the content when the whim struck me.

Then I got to looking around at some creative blogs and all the creative things folks are doing and decided I wanted to take this project further.

So I had these ideas flittering through my head for a couple of days simmering and brewing up something good. Then the AHA moment struck…

You see, I have to admit that I am a texture whore… I love fabric, yarn, ribbons, and all manner of stuff. And although I had given about 70% of my fabric stash away before I moved, I still had lots left that I couldn’t bear to part with.

In fact I had three fabrics that were my favorites and have not been able to decide what to do with them…

AHA Says I…

Why not use these fabulous fabrics to cover the corkboards???

BLUEGREEN STRIPES Orange Paisley Square Hindi Patterned Square

But I had four cork boards and only three patterns… hmmm.. so of course I go tearing through my stash trying to find something that will work with this theme… But alas, I’m drawing a blank.. Nothing fits 😦

Hmmm says I…

As I peer into my closets… I see the shirt that I absolutely love but refuse to wear because the front had the pattern upside down…

Multi Patterned Square

AHA Says I…


BLUEGREEN STRIPES Orange Paisley Square
Multi Patterned Square Hindi Patterned Square

Oh Noes! It’s unbalanced!!!!

Well dangit all cobble sticks!

So I go tearing through my stash again to find something that will balance out the colors…

And discover the perfect fabric!!!!

Hindi Patterned Square Orange Paisley Square
Orange and Pink Dots Square
Multi Patterned Square

AHhhhhh…. says I…

So now I have my glue gun, spray adhesive at the ready..

I’ll keep you posted on the adventure `;~)

Later Darlin’s


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