A Sudoku Kind of Life? I Wish…

I really like Sudoku. It’s rather simple in it’s complexity and I enjoy that challenge. You know there are always going to be nine squares within nine squares and the numbers one through nine will always go somewhere in that square. Each line, each column, and each square contain those numbers, 1 through 9. You may not know how, but you know they always fit…

But life is not like that. And that really is okay.

Today my son’s Rite of Passage begins. Today, he finds himself in a sacred space with men who will help him to discover what it means to be a man. I’m so excited for him to discover who he is becoming and where he will take that. As my first born child when I held him in my arms for the first time, I was so overwhelmed with the task before me.

I look back on his childhood and hope that I gave him enough love, strength and freedom. I hope that my mistakes lead to a greater strength so he can overcome his obstacles.

My son is a good boy and I can see the great man that he will become. If nothing else, I am very proud of him!

I love you Alex



2 thoughts on “A Sudoku Kind of Life? I Wish…

  1. hi hon! I've just been working my ass off lately! We had two people leave unexpectedly and it took a while to recover. Yes, I'd love the beads `;~) I'll send you my address. Are you still liking the incense?HOpefully I'll be back soon on a regular basis, but I'm thinking of switching over to wordpress for my blog. But of course, I'll still keep up with you!!How are you???

  2. Hello my friend :). Haven't seen you around in a while. Is all well with you? I know you are a beader like me, and I have a slew of beads that I would like to send you. They have quit talking to me creatively, but have informed me that they would like go to a new home with a new set of eyes. I had your address and then, of course, when I needed it, it disappeared. If you would like these little baubles, let me know. My email address is epdesertheart@att.net. Take care of you!

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