Testing new blog systems.

I’m testing out WordPress because I want more options and different things than I am finding on my Blogger Blog. Maybe it is me, but I’m just not satisfied with Blogger 😦

I’ve been hearing about some of the different stuff you can do with WordPress and have been curious to try it out.

I’m also trying out tumblr because I’ve heard that it is “the next twitter” but I am not impressed with the options available.

So this is the latest picture of me `;~) Do you like my tattoo? Do you have tattoos? Do you get them on a whim or do they have meaning?


2 thoughts on “Testing new blog systems.

  1. How are you finding the new system? I tried to switch a while ago but was too comfortable with the ease of blogger. Lots of my friends switched and said wordpress was better but I am not too good with a lot of change. LOL I think Tumblr is more popular with teenagers, lots of pictures and moving images but no content like blogs. Maybe I am just getting old but I like reading blogs. Pictures are nice but a bit of yap yap with them is nice too. 🙂

    1. Hi Karisma,

      I’m still working on setting it up like I want and figuring it out. I just haven’t had as much time to play with it as I would like. It seems to take a bit more work to set up, but I like it overall better than Blogger.

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