Good Cake is like a good Lover!!

So for the best of both worlds, Tiffany and I created the Italian Lover Cupcake!!!!

Made with Amarretto, Malibu Rum, coconut, and pineapple. The moans of delight just don’t stop `;~) We’ve been getting hooked on the Cupcake Wars and have been craving cupcakes for weeks. So, finally last night after work – we had a mad house of baking. We baked until 4am and of course much devilry ensued.
We’ve decided to start the Drunken Diva’s Bakery were everything has to have liquor involved in some way. Hopefully, this will not devolve into drinking games… Drinking games and baking do not sound like a good match `;~).
Once we get the recipe down pat, we might share it `;~) but, ohhhhh were they good `;~)