Through the Lens

Canon D60 DSLR

I have to say that my mother is made of awesome! She sent me this awesome camera just because she could and I asked! I have named her Viola (pronounced Vie-o-la)

She had bought this one on Ebay and it wasn’t what she thought it was, but couldn’t return it because though the title was incorrect, “the description matched the product.” So be careful what you buy and double check EVERYTHING on Ebay 😦

So, she bought the correct one she wanted and sent me this one with a very very nice 28mm -105mm MACRO lens. While this is an older model, it is still far superior to anything that I have ever owned and is a good starter camera.

I have been enjoying learning the new camera and everything it and the lens can do. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read your camera’s manual. There are things in there I would never figure out otherwise 🙂 I have spent alot of time reading up on several different websites, here are a two that I really liked:

Photo Notes Canon EOS Beginners’ FAQ

Digital Photography School Tips for Beginners

Here are some pictures taken with the new camera:

This weekend, I hope to get some more interesting photos with wildlife and maybe some people too:) I am going to the Lady Antebellum concert this weekend, but will not be bringing Viola with me cause I just aint taking no chances with her:)

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend! What are your plans? What memories do you want to capture in your life?