Voicemail from the ShellyVerse

Originally written on 10/19/14

Shelly Jar

It’s time to get back to me. Quit worrying about everything and let it go with the flow. Do you remember that? The way it felt when everything happened in to the beat of your soul? Have you completely forgotten who you are? Or have you hidden yourself in a safe little tiny haven as if nothing can harm you and you can pretend everything is just fine and dandy.

It’s time to throw out those big girl panties that don’t fit and be who you want to be. Who you Really Are. You aren’t a failure. You tried and it didn’t work. It didn’t work because that is not who you are meant to be. You’ve always known this isn’t where you were meant to be, yet you kept taking those uniformed big girl panties and putting them on. No matter that they didn’t fit, were uglier than sin, and bless your heart -made your clit cry.

I keep throwing all these signs at you to wake you and make you dream again. Why do you drown me out with your incessant bullshit excuses? Don’t you realize that I don’t care about them? Excuses aren’t even good enough to wipe your butt with. So, please, no more. I can’t even. No more. I want you to be free. I want you to shine, I want your clit to sing. I want you to desire. I don’t want you to cringe when you think of me -how you think you’ve disappointed me. You can’t disappoint me. it doesn’t work that way.

The ShellyVerse

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