In the ShellyVerse, time does not exist- there is only the eternal NOW. Everything is happening right now. I live each moment as the jewel that it is.

I do not believe in regrets. Each decision, event, and moment has made this moment possible. I would not change a moment of my life.

I am a jewel with many facets `;~) I thought about creating seperate blogs for each facet of my life, but that is not what the goal of my life is. My goal is to integrate all facets of my life and live them in balance, so here you will see all facets come in to play.

These facets influence my work through the textures and colors that evoke deep feelings of a journey with many twist and turns, both light and dark. Sometimes, you may not know which way is up but it always finds you. Like butter on toast, it always lands right side up. ​


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