Voicemail from the ShellyVerse

Originally written on 10/19/14

Shelly Jar

It’s time to get back to me. Quit worrying about everything and let it go with the flow. Do you remember that? The way it felt when everything happened in to the beat of your soul? Have you completely forgotten who you are? Or have you hidden yourself in a safe little tiny haven as if nothing can harm you and you can pretend everything is just fine and dandy.

It’s time to throw out those big girl panties that don’t fit and be who you want to be. Who you Really Are. You aren’t a failure. You tried and it didn’t work. It didn’t work because that is not who you are meant to be. You’ve always known this isn’t where you were meant to be, yet you kept taking those uniformed big girl panties and putting them on. No matter that they didn’t fit, were uglier than sin, and bless your heart -made your clit cry.

I keep throwing all these signs at you to wake you and make you dream again. Why do you drown me out with your incessant bullshit excuses? Don’t you realize that I don’t care about them? Excuses aren’t even good enough to wipe your butt with. So, please, no more. I can’t even. No more. I want you to be free. I want you to shine, I want your clit to sing. I want you to desire. I don’t want you to cringe when you think of me -how you think you’ve disappointed me. You can’t disappoint me. it doesn’t work that way.

The ShellyVerse

Through the Lens

Canon D60 DSLR

I have to say that my mother is made of awesome! She sent me this awesome camera just because she could and I asked! I have named her Viola (pronounced Vie-o-la)

She had bought this one on Ebay and it wasn’t what she thought it was, but couldn’t return it because though the title was incorrect, “the description matched the product.” So be careful what you buy and double check EVERYTHING on Ebay 😦

So, she bought the correct one she wanted and sent me this one with a very very nice 28mm -105mm MACRO lens. While this is an older model, it is still far superior to anything that I have ever owned and is a good starter camera.

I have been enjoying learning the new camera and everything it and the lens can do. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read your camera’s manual. There are things in there I would never figure out otherwise 🙂 I have spent alot of time reading up on several different websites, here are a two that I really liked:

Photo Notes Canon EOS Beginners’ FAQ

Digital Photography School Tips for Beginners

Here are some pictures taken with the new camera:

This weekend, I hope to get some more interesting photos with wildlife and maybe some people too:) I am going to the Lady Antebellum concert this weekend, but will not be bringing Viola with me cause I just aint taking no chances with her:)

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend! What are your plans? What memories do you want to capture in your life?

A Renewal

I had started this post over and over again on several days over a period of weeks. It keeps disappearing or gets trashed. I don’t know what is up with that 😦

I can no longer post over at danceuponstars.blogspot. The page will not load and I will be posting here exclusively. I have missed blogging and keeping up with everyone.

It’s only one month into the year and I have been busy as all get out!!! We moved in November and I’m still getting the new place all together, but it is coming along well. I’m loving the new place, well except for the cost of heating oil 😦

I’ve been working on my sunroom and it is coming along nicely. It is my favorite room in the house 🙂 I use it as my craft room mostly. That nook over to the side is going to be a reading nook. I’ve found the cushions real cheap at a store in salisbury and am looking for the fabric now. Or i might just get more bed sheets and sew them up. That would be cheaper 🙂 Can’t decide though.

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My coven is turned 10 years old this Imbolc! I can’t believe we’ve been together this long. It doesn’t feel like it has been that long. And let me just say that we kicked ass in that ritual. I’m still reeling from the magick of that ritual.

I’m so ready for spring and I can’t wait to my garden started. The plan is for a bunch of us to pool our resources and have a big community garden at my house. The weather is nice today, but it did just snow the other night, so I’m not sure when we will get started. We are still deciding what we want to plant.

There are so many interesting things afoot for me right now, that I can barely contain myself but I don’t want to spoil them by speaking too soon!

Leg Sleeve Tattoo

I’ve finally decided the two main tattoo’s I want for my leg sleeve! I’m super excited `;~) Years ago, I got the moon phases tattoo on my ankle , which you see above, and have wanted to continue a leg sleeve all teh way up my leg using a “My Life” theme and what is really important to me.

So I’m going to have a dragon and a phoenix symbolizing my two birth children and some kind of flowers to symbolize my step-daughters. I haven’t decided on the flowers yet, but it is a start. So now comes the time to start saving up money!

Well, the money saving will have to wait until after my vacation `;~) And I still have to decide on the design itself.

Good Cake is like a good Lover!!

So for the best of both worlds, Tiffany and I created the Italian Lover Cupcake!!!!

Made with Amarretto, Malibu Rum, coconut, and pineapple. The moans of delight just don’t stop `;~) We’ve been getting hooked on the Cupcake Wars and have been craving cupcakes for weeks. So, finally last night after work – we had a mad house of baking. We baked until 4am and of course much devilry ensued.
We’ve decided to start the Drunken Diva’s Bakery were everything has to have liquor involved in some way. Hopefully, this will not devolve into drinking games… Drinking games and baking do not sound like a good match `;~).
Once we get the recipe down pat, we might share it `;~) but, ohhhhh were they good `;~)


Testing new blog systems.

I’m testing out WordPress because I want more options and different things than I am finding on my Blogger Blog. Maybe it is me, but I’m just not satisfied with Blogger 😦

I’ve been hearing about some of the different stuff you can do with WordPress and have been curious to try it out.

I’m also trying out tumblr because I’ve heard that it is “the next twitter” but I am not impressed with the options available.

So this is the latest picture of me `;~) Do you like my tattoo? Do you have tattoos? Do you get them on a whim or do they have meaning?