DIY: Lemony Snicket Shelves or Decoupaged Shelves

I had picked up these cheap as heck square shelves a while back and could never decide what to do with them. They just didn’t fit my decor at all and they wouldn’t fit in my craft room. So they sat all by their lonesome for months until I started looking at Pinterest and saw all the amazing decoupage projects folks were doing.
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It’s a virtual fantasy land here with rabbits, stars, birds, and feathers `;~)


I want to thank everyone who liked my Bead Soup Necklace, I think I will call it “Bambi.” I agree with Amber Dawn Inventive Soul that is definitely shouts out BAMBI `;~) I had so much fun making this necklace! Shannon of For My Sweet Daughter made the beautiful copper etched rabbit pendant and the birdsnest too! Please go and take a loot look at her beautiful work `;~)

I hope to get back into the studio tonight and make some earrings to go with this necklace. So we will see where that takes me `;~)


Right now, I’m so excited cause my huge herb haul came in on Monday and I have been dying to get into them!!! I spent Tuesday night reading up on some ideas and I can’t wait to try them out! I also have a couple custom orders on my plate at the moment that I am really excited about `;~)

I’m also going to try my hand at making incense cones! I have some makko powder that I’m just itching to mix into some of my standard recipes and see how they compare. I might start offering incense loose and cone if it works like I’m hoping `;~)

Peacock  feather tattoo!

I finally got my peacock feather tattoo that I have been wanting for the last year. I’m so very happy with it!

I hope each and every one of ya’ll have a blessedly beautiful weekend `;~)

Bead Table Wednesday And Sneak Peak!

I really enjoy getting back into beading and this Bead Soup Blog Party have really thrown my creativity into high gear along with the Bead Table Wednesday posts.

So here is my sneak peak:

BTW- 23FEB11 Sneak Peak Bead Soup

My swap partner, Shannon @ For My Sweet Daughter bead soup really has stretched me outside my usual zone. But I have been having so much fun playing with these beads. Now, I just have to finish in time… hahahaha!

As you can see, this necklace is very much about Spring `;~)


Bead Table Wednesday


I was up all night into the early morning beading away. I have to say that the beading and making jewelry are one of the few things that bring me absolute piece where my mind is given over to creating and thoughts, fears, and emotions do not overwhelm me.

After last night I realized that I SERIOUSLY need a better beading table/work surface 😦 I lost mine in a previous move 😦 Hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to hit up the flea markets and junk shops around and find something that fits my needs.

I also realized that I cannot get my studio organized or find half of my stuff because I can’t unpack until I have an actual work station set up. AND I need to get rid of that damn weight machine taking up a quarter of my studio space. *grumble*

I have the perfect chain to go with the project I’m working on but I CANNOT find it anywhere and it about drove me crazy last night.

But once I put aside all these frustrations, I had an excellent time and my creativity abounded!


Bead Soup Time `;~)

My Bead Soup Partner, Shannon recieved her beads today. I’m hoping I’ll have mine when I get home. I can’t wait to actually see them. She posted them on her blog, For My Sweet Daughter.

I’m in shock and awe over the lovely goodness coming my way and I can’t wait to dive into those gorgeous beads! It will be a definite challenge for me. I tried hard to find something different for Shannon from what she usually works with and I think I have her stumped `;~)

Though, I have to say that she will make something truly remarkable and is very talented. You should definitely check out her jewelry!!!

For My Sweet Daughter.

Everything is Futzy right now…

Been down with the Futz since Thursday, finally back at work today. UGH! Which unfortunately changed all my plans! I hate when that happens, because I’m not a big planner but when I do have plans, I like to keep them… There is a reason I’ve made plans and they are important to me..

I wanted to finish up my Bead Soup Project and get it sent out, that didn’t happen 😦 I wanted to make a clasp because I didn’t have anything I liked in stock. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I planned to make them this weekend. I had everything I needed – wire, solder, flux, and micro torch…

I just had to dig the micro torch out of whatever box it was packed in and I’d be all set. I found my acetylene torch and my first small torch that I can’t stand. But the micro-torch was no where to be found.

I was sad

No worries, thought I. I’ll just stop at the Home Depot when I go up for the daughter’s birthday party… No problem…. right?

HAH!I should have known better, this is why I don’t make plans!

I was so sick, I did not get out of bed for three days other than to eat. And boy, did I eat A LOT!!!!

Oh, and don’t go to the grocery store when you are sick either!! I know better to go when hungry, but didn’t realize how bad it was to go when sick… Oh, and don’t read cookbooks either!!!!

Friday night I went to Hell-Mart to get meds (which didn’t do squat by the way) and some orange juice… I spent almost $200!!! OMG!!! How is one person going to eat that much food???? At least I wont have to shop for the next month!

Though I did make a wonderful vegetable soup! Good thing I bought the tupperware stuff to freeze extra soup in! I’m going to wax poetic about this soup, it is so good. I can’t even tell you how much I love this soup! And I’m not a big soup person either… Plus, it is so easy, even a Futzy sick person can make it! YUM! Wish I had gotten a picture of it!

I wish I took more pictures, I love pictures in my posts. I’m just a lazy blogger though. Maybe I’ll take a picture of my yummy veggie soup tonight with the recipe `;~)

Fabric Wall Board Project

I found some nice 8″ x 8″ cork tiles at the store the other day and it was perfect for a project I had simmering in the back of my mind. I wanted to decorate the bare walls in my bedroom and thought that cork boards would be an excellent ideas as I could easily change the content when the whim struck me.

Then I got to looking around at some creative blogs and all the creative things folks are doing and decided I wanted to take this project further.

So I had these ideas flittering through my head for a couple of days simmering and brewing up something good. Then the AHA moment struck…

You see, I have to admit that I am a texture whore… I love fabric, yarn, ribbons, and all manner of stuff. And although I had given about 70% of my fabric stash away before I moved, I still had lots left that I couldn’t bear to part with.

In fact I had three fabrics that were my favorites and have not been able to decide what to do with them…

AHA Says I…

Why not use these fabulous fabrics to cover the corkboards???

BLUEGREEN STRIPES Orange Paisley Square Hindi Patterned Square

But I had four cork boards and only three patterns… hmmm.. so of course I go tearing through my stash trying to find something that will work with this theme… But alas, I’m drawing a blank.. Nothing fits 😦

Hmmm says I…

As I peer into my closets… I see the shirt that I absolutely love but refuse to wear because the front had the pattern upside down…

Multi Patterned Square

AHA Says I…


BLUEGREEN STRIPES Orange Paisley Square
Multi Patterned Square Hindi Patterned Square

Oh Noes! It’s unbalanced!!!!

Well dangit all cobble sticks!

So I go tearing through my stash again to find something that will balance out the colors…

And discover the perfect fabric!!!!

Hindi Patterned Square Orange Paisley Square
Orange and Pink Dots Square
Multi Patterned Square

AHhhhhh…. says I…

So now I have my glue gun, spray adhesive at the ready..

I’ll keep you posted on the adventure `;~)

Later Darlin’s

Progress comes in the ChooChoo `;~)

So for 2011, the keyword is Creativity. A lot of my focus is well, focused there `;~)

I’ve joined Lori’s Bead Soup Blog Party!!! I’m so excited to be a part of this, it is going to be sooo much fun! YAY! Got my partner today and we’ve decided to do a theme of “The Odd Couple…”

Dance Class is going really well. Lots of fun there. Hoping it picks up and some more folks come in, but it will be what it is `;~)

To help with my endeavors, I found an awesome creative calendar, called “Creating Your Goddess Year! I’m totaly digging it `;~) You should check it out! Her website offers all kinds of goodies too. She has e-courses and meditations.

Celtic Love Knot Painting

The last weeks of December found me in creative overdrive! It was so exciting to again feel that flame of creativity flowing through me.

I wanted to create something special for my oldest daughter who had gotten married earlier this year. I wanted some sort of painting to represent their love and their future. I had searched through the internet and the many books I have for ideas.

I finally settled on some sort of Celtic Knotwork. But I couldn’t find exactly what I needed until I ran across one of my favorite books, Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings by Caitlin Matthews that had been packed away. I had forgotten what I treasure I found this book! There was a beautiful prayer for love and beside it was this knot design and knew it was perfect!

I can’t see all the detail, maybe I’ll get a better picture when I visit next time.