Everything Yet Nothing

I taught my first dance class Saturday to a lovely bunch `;~) I had three girls under 11, one tween, and two lovely ladies join me.

It was supposed to be a 2 hour class, but none of use could do 2 hours. I’ve gotten horribly out of shape since I haven’t been dancing for the last 2 years 😦 I realized this two months ago and was going to the gym regularly until the chaos of moving started. I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t been since I moved either 😦

I’ve meant to go for the last two weeks, but my sleep has been terrible and I haven’t managed to get up in time to go. I have got to get a handle on my sleep!!!

The ladies would like to learn a choreography, so I am thinking about what kind of song and hope to have one picked out by the next class. I’m thinking of something slower and sensual for the older ladies and maybe teaching the young girls a basket dance.

The apartment is coming along. I”ve gotten 75% unpacked. The only major thing is unpacking and setting up my studio. I need to vacuum before I set alot of stuff up and that is waiting to be done during the day… I’m sure my neighbors would not enjoy hearing the vacuum at 4am `;~)

But I am making significant headway and I really love the place!


Performance 101: Making your first performance a success!

So you've finally gotten to the point where you are ready to perform for an audience. You've come a long way and you want everyone to see what you've accomplished. Congratulations on your first performance!
Performing is about more than just the dance steps. Sure, you can be the best dancer ever born, but if you don't look or act like it… No one is going to pay any attention. Do you think anyone would pay attention to Rachel Bryce's performance if she looked like she had just rushed in from the gym? Or Suhaila? Would they have gotten where they are now?
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