I think I am finally ready. Last night, I put your shirt, that I have held onto for years, into the charity basket. And then I cried. I realize it is time to let you go completely. I’ve held onto you for far to long. You were never really mine nor will you ever be.
That’s okay
That’s alright
I think I am finally ready. Saturday, I took a bath and read W.B Yeats. I did not feel this the need to go out. To escape, to obliviate myself. So, I enjoyed my bath soaking up Yeats’ words like a newborn at her mother’s breast.
I’ve decided to get rid of things in my life that don’t suit me, be it clothes, or crafts, or ideas. So many things I tried to be for other people. I may not yet know who I am, but I know who I am not. Yes, it will always be difficult to walk on the edge as I do, but I can’t deny that is where I belong. I belong to the heavens and the sea at the edge of twilight, dancing and flowing into the unknown.

The picture above was taken by my son and is one of my favorites. He has such an eye for beauty. One of the many reasons I love him `;~)